Relaxed Tee

$9.00 USD $39.00 USD

Our Relaxed Tee is at the crossroads of fashion and comfortability, being the perfect shirt to wear on a night out, at the gym, or when lounging around.


***James 5’9” 195lb (Mocha) Size: Large (Top) Large (Bottoms)

***Ariel 5'5" 140lb (Cream, Mist) Size: Small (Top) Medium (Bottoms)

***Carly 5'3" 110lb (Grey) Size: Small (Top) Small (Bottoms)

***Joseph 5'8" 191lb (Mist) Size: Large (Tops) Medium (Bottoms) 

***Kayla 5'7" 138lb (Navy) Size Small (Tops) Medium (Bottoms)

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